Saturday, 22 September 2012

London calling

Anyone who knows me will know I love iconic British design and that I cannot resist an opportunity to incorporate it into a photo.  And you can't get more iconic than the Sir Giles Gilbert Scott's red telephone box, originally designed in the 1920's. Out of the numerous images I have taken of this British icon, some turn out to be fairly mediocre but sometimes you get something that stands out.  The first to the left was shot in Bodmin, Cornwall while on honeymoon; this example is distinctive yet different being black.

The distinctive design of the phone box appeals to me in the same way the black taxi cab, Routemaster buses, London Transport underground sign and red post boxes are instantly recognisable as British design  classics.  Although not originally conceived as art, the red phone boxes are nonetheless visually stimulating and reminiscent of a soon to be forgotten era before the age of smart phones and wi-fi.  This British icon's creator was well known for blending the gothic with modern (for the era) styling and given my love of Victorian design it is unsurprising it appeals to me so much.  

Surviving examples of the phone boxes can be found in the remotest parts of the world, but the following are a few shots from within the UK; below is a set of phone boxes outside one of the Cambridge colleges, framed by one of the ever present bicycles found throughout the city.

Covent Garden, London still basking in Jubilee celebrations in the summer of 2012.

Colchester uses one of its last remaining phone boxes to help camouflage some renovation works on East Hill.

Brighton, the Regency heart of England, remains home to some of the most recognisable landmarks, including the Palace and West Piers, the Pavillion and the Lanes, and yet still plays host to Britain's architectural history in many ways - including the humble phone box.

I am still putting together shop collections, and am hoping to publish these in the next few weeks so please do keep checking.

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