Thursday, 4 October 2012

Memories of Spring

One Sunday at the end of March 2012, we spent an emotional and memorable day at Corbetts, the beautiful cottage belonging to my wife's grandma, Iris, a wonderful lady now in her 80s.  Janine, my wife, spent countless happy summer days and family Christmasses there; the location is perfect and evokes childhood memories of forgotten days.  Sadly, this was the last time we would visit as Janine's grandma was moving to a new home, where she could receive the ongoing care and support she requires. The following photographs are a record of that special Spring day spent with our children, Jonny and Isobel, exploring the garden.

No amount of photographs could do justice to the wealth of memories accumulated over a lifetime of adventures from Iris and her late husband John, whom sadly I never met.  Their life story is fascinating, particularly their time spent in Uganda at the time of independence for that country; red dust, wild animals and encounters with the formative Idi Amin at the local rugby club.

I find the power of photographs to evoke certain memories and emotions never ceases, it's why I enjoy taking shots.  The camera I used here was not an SLR but I love the feel of the album regardless and wanted to share it here.

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  1. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful day and house. Thank you for such a lovely post on our day- itc ertainly brings back memories. xx


Many thanks for your comment.