Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas at The Minories

Colchester is fortunate to have a number of places of interest to visit, from the Norman castle, various museums, the new Firstsite building and of course the Minories Art Gallery.  The gallery is well-known locally as a place to see interesting contemporary art exhibitions, an example of which can be seen at this post by Lesley's Girls Vintage about Alison Stockmarr.

To celebrate the oncoming arrival of yet another Christmas season, the gallery held its annual Christmas art & craft fair, and I was asked to cover the day and capture the fair from set-up through to the end of the event.  Aside from helping out on the Lesley's Girls Vintage stall, I managed to take loads of shots and below are some of the examples from the day.  My preference is to capture reportage-style shots, so if you like these, please contact me to get involved in any events you may want covering.

The day was fantastic, with a great range of products on offer, focusing primarily on art and craft.  The building is an interesting architectural style and was a perfect setting to complement the event, lending a unique feel to the occasion.  The mulled wine was superb by the way.


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    1. Thanks, easy to capture the atmosphere in such a good venue. Was a fun day.


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